Introducing the Next Generation of RANverter Software-Defined Radio:

RANverter Pi SDR Converter Kit

RAN Technology is helping bring wideband, all-mode software-defined radio power to everyone for an amazingly low price. RANVerter Pi SDR converters and receivers are simple USB peripherals that open up the world of HF ham radio, worldband shortwave radio, and digital communications modes to anyone with a Windows PC.

SDR Board

The RANVerter Pi continues on in the tradition of RANTechnology's highly successful original RANVerter series of SDR Up-Converters. Now, it needs no external power supply -- it's powered by your computer's USB..

PLUS, it's easier than ever to assemble, with solder-in sockets for the oscillators (no accidental overheating) and no surface mount components!

Here's what you get in each RANVerter Pi SDR Upconverter Kit:

  • All discrete components, including capacitors, resistors, semi-conductors, choke, and LED
  • High quality double-sided printed circuit board with plated thru-holes
  • Standard mini-dongle/USB cable kit. (also available without kit)
  • 55 Mhz. oscillator w/socket
  • Oscillator-mixer w/socket
  • On-off and bypass switches and relay
  • RCA and "F" type jacks.
  • All other cables and connectors - Everything's there!

The RANVerter Pi is designed to enable the Raspberry Pi credit-card sized Linux PC to become a versatile SDR radio server via any ethernet network.The receiver can also be remotely located and controlled via ethernet and the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins.

The RANVerter Pi is an inexpensive way to give SDR a try, and with all-band, all-mode coverage, it's a handy supplement to any shack.

Dongle Options