AC-3 / AC-4 Re-cap Kit

AC-3 / AC-4 Re-cap Kit

Can-Type Electrolytic Capacitors
1 - 100 uF @ 250V
1 - 40-40 uF @ 250V
1 - 80-100 uF @ 450V-250V
2 - 135 uF @ 450V

Twist-tab mounting. All sections rated at 105C degrees.
Capacitance and leakage tested. Cap tolerance plus or minus 20%

PLEASE NOTE: Electronics manufacturers often made changes in their products without notice. Occasionally this would change the capacitor complement used in a given unit. We will correct any discrepancies that might occur. However, it makes good sense to compare the specs above with the actual units in your equipment before ordering. This can save everyone considerable time and frustration. Thanks.